Is there a way around required statuses on different event types?

So in particular I want to run a workflow on pull_request, and I also want to run it on pull_request_review. But github treats different events entirely differently and categorizes them differently as well. So even though a required check passes on pull_request_review it had failed on pull_request and therefore checks are not passed. This is really hard to work around, and I don’t understand why it works like this.

(image for reference, this PR does not satisfy this requirement)
Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 8.50.02 PM

At one point I implemented a complicated solution here to mimic the behavior of “pull_request_target” but in “pull_request_review”. This actually works. But it’s overly complicated and needlessly challenging to maintain. Another way to work around this is to make a key public from an orphaned user with zero privileges (which is what I’ve done as well).

At this point the only thing I have in my way and a reliable workflow is the ability to (for a workflow with multiple triggering events) treat any success associated with a run on the PR as meeting the criteria for merging.

How can I do this?

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p.s. It’s also really noisy to show all different types of event triggers for a single workflow. It adds a lot of confusion. Is there a way to avoid this? (i.e. in the image above it would just be test/test, and it would not have two separate mentions in the bottom section)