Is there a reason why only the readme file and the title are being displayed in the browser?

My portfolio works just fine: but ok

Basically, GitHub Pages site uses Jekyll by default to process websites published via repositories. Since you have a file, Jekyll assumes that you mean for that to be your sub-site’s index file. If you delete the from that repository (since you’re essentially using the repo to just hold the sub-site’s files) or use the .nojekyll file to signify you don’t want Jekyll to be used, things should work the way you expect.

I hope that helps!

Hey Lee,

  thank you for replying. 

I got rid of the ‘’ file but nothing happened. I want to try the .nojekyll method.

Where can I find it/or create it? 


As it states in the help document that I linked to, you need to create it in the root of the repository.

I hope that helps!