Is there a ahead/behind view on file level?

I have searched both my repositories and this forum for any mentioning of a feature where you can see how many commits ahead or behind a branch is but filtered on commits relevant to one file at the time.

What I am looking for would be very similar to the information in the branches tab (for example,, but this view would be accessed from the same place as the Raw/Blame/History on a page like this:

When collaborating in a team it would be super-useful to see if somone is, in another branch, already making updates to the file you intend to do work on.

You can deduct this information by clicking the commit history specific to a file, and swap between branches, and manually compare the list, but thats both inconvienient and error prone. Does anyone know of an easier way to do this?


HI @kbjarkefur,

Thank you for being here! As far as I know there isn’t a more elegant way to accomplish this, I can see how it would be useful and will share your use case to our team for consideration.