Is That Phishing or is true?

Today I received this from SurveyMonkey,
is phishing or is it true?

the sender has the email ending if is a compromised account I’ll give you info about that

Hi @tomma5o ! As with most email, it may be legit, it may be not :smiley: . A few good points to check:

  • Did you sign up for Codespaces Beta? If not, it’s probably not legit.
  • Does the footer contain any personal details that may reveal it is in fact legit?
  • It’s always wise to check the links. If they really point to SurveyMonkey it’s probably okay.

Be careful, and remember to never enter your GitHub login details because (a link in an) email tells you so.

I think it’s good if @staff can maybe check up on if there is indeed a campaign like this going out from GitHub, just to clear things up for other readers.

Hi @mpboom, yes all the links seems correct (with no typos :wink: ) but the $100 gift card sound strange to me. Yes if we can have an official response it will be great :slight_smile: