Is suggesting of hiring specialists for open source projects legal for GitHub?

I am going to post in issue Add pug support for vue templates of repository vue-eslint-parser, but I am not sure the content is not violated the GitHub agreements. Please consult me are similar posts are obeys to GitHub agreement.

It looks like currently there is no one who can implement the Pug templates support for vue-eslint-parser for free. But maybe the hiring of the specialist could solve this problem. I am going to suggest to hire the specialist with potluck.

The approximate content of future post is:

To everyone who wants this feature be implemented by have not time to implement it yourself:
How about chip in and hire someone who can do it for fee?
I am ready to invest 300$ for implementing of this feature.

When this feature will be implemented, it will be a new page of quality management automantion history.

Please let me know is above message is legal for GitHub.

Companies invest on Open Source Engineers, aka Software Engineers specializing in open source software, so yes, it’s completely legal. There’s also platforms like Bountysource that allows freelance developers the same job description you specified above.

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Thank you for the answer!

Well, for 2020, I am not a company yet, but I need Pug support in vue-eslint-parser, so I’ll offer to hire the specialist.

Best regards

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