Is starred_url still available?

Hi, I’m using the starred_url to request if a user is starred some repo, and I got Not Found message in body. If it was abandoned, why it’s still listed in the response?

Link is:{/owner}{/repo}

Replaced with:

And I got a response like:

    "message": "Not Found",
    "documentation_url": ""

P.S. I’ve added the Authorization with Bearer {{my_token}} and set the right Accept header.

I believe you’re looking for:

GET /users/{username}/starred

or maybe:

GET /repos/{owner}/{repo}/stargazers

Or, perhaps there was an older one that I’m just not aware of…

@kingthorin Actually this is not what I’m looking for. You can see there is a key named “starred_url” in the document you mentioned. It basically is to find out whether the user is starred the repo or not.