Is python worth learning

I’ve been learning python for quite a while now and i have landed perfectly on the basics and still going forward
well i am not really knowledgeable about the industry because i am a beginner but i started with python because on internet python is boosted soo much i.e. Its used by hacker and a high level programming language, (but lua is a bit better for hacking and stuff)
but that’s how programming started as a mere hobby of mine
but now i have some doubts cause i see people talk that it’s slow and not really useful in developing apps.
so should i really stop learning python and switch to any other language like c++
is python really worth it ?

If there’s a language I suggest everyone (and I really mean everyone, not just programmers!) should learn it’s Python, because it’s extremely versatile: You can start with very simple scripts that do small, useful things, and as you learn more the language has everything you need to handle huge, complex projects.

Slow? There is a certain overhead to interpretation compared to binary code, but in most cases it simply doesn’t matter (or at least not enough to switch to a language that’s harder to maintain). If you really need to you could look at writing binary modules for critical sections or using a Python implementation with a JIT.

If you’re thinking about job prospects it kind of depends on the field you want to get into. If you want to get into machine learning/AI there’s basically no way around Python, it’s also pretty common in web development (server-side), and widely used in various science fields to process data.

That said, if you want to get deeper into programming (professionally or not) I’d definitely recommend learning multiple languages. And adding more gets easier with each one you know already. I’d suggest starting with something more modern than C++ though (maybe Rust or Go), unless you have specific things in mind that require it. :wink: