Is it worth to enforce HTTPS on GitHub Pages when using Cloudflare's HTTP enforcement?

The title sums it up pretty well.

I have a custom domain set for my personal website using GitHub Pages, but since DNS records are handled with Cloudflare and since proxying is enabled does GitHub not have a good way to find the DNS records, as it was described in this specific answer here.

I now wonder: Is it worth it to use GitHub’s HTTPS enforcement when you have Cloudflare active together with the setting to automatically turn http to https requests enabled?

What would be possible benefits and what would be possible drawbacks?

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I don’t think you would be able to do that, at least on my repository the option “Enforce HTTPS” is disabled.

Unavailable for your site because your domain is not properly configured to support HTTPS

However I have the option “Always Use HTTPS” on CloudFlare.

A possible drawback would be having two SSL certificates for the same domain, but only if you are able to activate the HTTPS option in your repository at all.

I think you missunderstand my message/question here.

Please check out the post I linked in my message, as it describes a way how you can enable the “Enforce HTTPS” option on GitHub when utilizing Cloudflare DNS to handle your Domain.
The issue here is not how to enable this but rather if it is worth the effort to get this option enabled when CF offers a free SSL certificate to use and HTTPS enforcement themself.

Again: No hate, but you should next time read messages more clearly as I stated it plain and clear that enabling the option isn’t the problem but rather if it is even worth it.

Ok, I might read it… if you actually post a link.


No hate, but you should next time make sure make sure that the links you are supposed to refer to, are actually there.

Oh, and by the way, you are welcome :wink:

I thought I had the link there… My bad (But tbf here… The forum doesn’t do any attempts at showing you that there isn’t a link and instead even renders an empty embedded link like normal.

I have the post here: