Is it true that GitHub’s vision is to be the home for all developers, no matter where they reside?

Is it really true? Ukrainian cities are bombed by Russian military. There are more that 1000 deaths among civilians in a single city of Mariupol.

Some of my colleagues die under air strikes and are not able to use Github anymore. Ever.

Some of my colleagues fight for their homes and are not able to use Github either.

And all these deaths, all the disaster is caused solely by Russia.

Now, Russian developers sit at their comfortable chairs and use Github. Because Github is a home for Russian developers.

But Ukrainian developers lose their homes. Lose their families. Lose Github.

Do you think it is acceptable?

Do you still think that Russia belongs here? Are you still sure that your statement is true?


GitHub is “home for all developers”. Even these supporting genocide in Ukraine.


Does github have policies that support dealing with terrarists and assassins?


GitHub is “home for all developers, no matter where they reside”.
Even if they don’t have home anymore.
Russia kill us.

Microsoft has ceased all new sales in Russia.
Github, please ban Russia.


Our children and women are dying right now, and you just close our topics.
You are the same as the Russians.


Ukraine - Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Lviv in particular, is known as a new silicon valley: here’s a huge pool of talented developers who contribute to open source daily! And while russians keep working calmly, most of us simply can’t work, because of shellings. russians are wailing not getting their latte at Starbucks, Ukrainian people are wailing losing their children, families and homes. Are you sure you want to support that? Save your face and brand, while it’s not too late


GitHub’s vision is to be the home for all developers, no matter where they reside. We take our obligations with respect to government mandates seriously, which includes complying with stringent new export controls aimed at severely restricting Russia’s access to technologies and other items needed to sustain its aggressive military capabilities.

We also take seriously our responsibility to examine government mandates thoroughly to be certain that users and customers are not impacted beyond the scope of the mandates. This includes protecting open collaboration and the free flow of information in our interconnected community to support communications, humanitarian work, and organizing for change. You can read more about our policies on GitHub Docs.

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