Is it possible to write a script for a robot in C, and only with vision senser to follow line

If anyone has any ideas or clues, please leave comment. Cause I am stuck, need immediate help form community, thanks.

Yes, using an Arduino,  your script would be in C.

If you have other requirements / limits to work within, you need to be more specific.

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Icic, thanks. Btw mine to help if I run in future obstacles?

The language doesn’t matter. The only prerequisite is that it can interface with controllers or at least send information to a device that can interface with one.

For instance, you can write a Python script on a Raspberry Pi to calculate logic for a robot, then send binary information via USB to an Arduino, which is directly interfaced with a motor. 

Thx for the clue, I’ll be keep trying to make this work, thx