Is it possible to use the same workflow in different repositories?

I have a lot repositories with the same architecture and very similar code and I would like to use the same workflow in each of them. There is some way to do this without duplicating a lot of yml files and not to have to modify all of them when I need to change the workflow?

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@raqyuste ,

As I mentioned in this ticket, the workflow files must be directly in the GitHub repository which can trigger the workflow runs. And currently we have no any workaround to allow a repository to reference workflow files from another repository.

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Not yet. It’s on our roadmap to handle this. Definitely important.


Okay. Many thanks, this would be very useful. 

Amazing! Definitely needed. 

Is your roadmap shared anywhere publicly?  


This ability is desperately needed. Especially as workflows get more complex, custom actions are nowhere near powerful enough to counter the problem of workflow duplication. Are there any updates on when this might be available? Also, as has been asked in this thread already, is there any kind of public roadmap to give a sense of what the priorities are?