Is it possible to use a noop container image?

The use case is to test with different Swift versions on Linux and since the latest Swift version is already installed, having a noop container image would be the fastest without duplicating the yaml code. I tried specifying “scratch” ( scratch - Docker Hub ) but that didn’t work. (This might be a really basic question, I don’t use docker otherwise)

What do you mean by “noop container image”? Could you describe how you use Docker in the workflow, ideally with the workflow file itself?

swift-sh/ci.yml at docker · Cyberbeni/swift-sh (

The GitHub Actions runner has the latest swift version installed, so that could be tested with a noop image instead of waiting 40 seconds for the swift:5.3 image to initialize.

Ah, so “noop” would be not using a container at all. The documentation for jobs.<job_id>.container doesn’t mention any way to say “no container” (though I now see how it might be useful as part of a matrix build), so I assume the only option would be to move the build with 5.3 into a separate job without a container parameter.

Docker itself definitely doesn’t offer a way, because if you don’t want to use a container you can just not use Docker.


I submitted an issue for it: Add if to container · Issue #842 · actions/runner (