Is it possible to restore deleted team with previous stage?


We accidently deleted a team, which is having access for lot of repo. is it possible to resotre team with same access levels?

@nchidipothu Thanks for being a part of the GitHub Community Forum!

Apologies, but there currently isn’t a way to restore a deleted team like you’re asking. You’ll have to recreate the team and re-invite the members to it.

That said, I can totally see how it would be helpful to have the ability to automatically restore a deleted team. I’ll make sure this makes it on to our Internal Feature Request list.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Sorry but there must be a way because everything is possible, what I might do in the following days is to find the way the fix such an unpleasant issue, after all we don’t go anywhere by ourselves so lets save this team.