Is it possible to reclaim a username from the community forum?

A few months ago a friend of mine created a GitHub account and an account for the support community. He deleted his GitHub account but forgot to remove or request that his account be removed from the support community.

A couple of days ago he attempted to recreate the account on GitHub, but because the username is still on the support community, it’s unavailable.

When he attempted to open a ticket, it stated that GitHub no longer responds to dormat accounts:

GitHub no longer accepts requests to release dormant usernames.

It appears that you are looking to contact us regarding releasing a dormant or inactive username. We no longer review individual requests to release dormant or inactive usernames.

Does the problem fall under dormant usernames?

My friend still has the e-mail that he used the first time he signed up for the account. Can the username be removed so the name can be reclaimed?