Is it possible to manually force an action workflow to be re-run?

Yes, you can re-run jobs, but what about if you want to create a workflow that you want to run on-demand?

I had success using the workflow_dispatch command using GitHub’s REST API to manually run GitHub Action workflows. Also, if you have a workflow that is triggered by the workflow_dispatch event, you can manually trigger it from the UI.

However, in my case, I needed something extra: which is the ability to re-run, from the command line, a workflow that was triggered by a pull_request event. Re-running it from the UI is possible as per @maxceem comment.

I tried using the POST /repos/{owner}/{repo}/actions/runs/{run_id}/rerun endpoint (, but this endpoint does not support re-running a workflow that ended up successful.

This is a real show-stopper for me. Any ideas on why is that not supported? Are there plans to remove this restriction?

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We have the very same need - to re-run a successful workflow. Any idea when it will be possible?

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+1 this is really a missing feature

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+1 sometimes the workflow fails to get notified that a test past and at present there is no way to rerun it without a fake commit and re-running what can be very lengthy tests.

Update: The GitHub Docs has a guide for re-running a workflow using the user interface as well as an endpoint for re-running a workflow using the REST API. Would these references be helpful towards what everyone here is looking for?

@francisfuzz that’s the endpoint I tried to use. However, it doesn’t allow re-running a successful Workflow run. See Cannot re-run a successful workflow run using the REST API.


Ah, thanks for clarifying that point – that helps! I replied there to share my input.