Is it possible to manually force an action workflow to be re-run?

I pushed changes to my codebase, triggering a workflow to start.  It fails.  I’d like to have it try again without pushing new code.

I am not expecting any difference in behavior (I’d expect it to fail again), but I want to know if manual runs are possible.


No, re-running a GitHub Action is not currently supported. I’ll pass along the request, but can’t give an ETA on when they might implement such a feature.

I hope that helps!


Lack of ability to rerun the workflow manually is a real showstopper for us. We would also like to have the ability to configure environment variables and branch while starting the workflow.


Manually rerunning an action is really needed. In addition I also would like to manually run a specific workflow; i.e. I would like to test a scheduled workflow before its scheduled run.


+1 for this. Sometimes there are errors (e.g. due to temporary upstream outages) when things run on a schedule, and being able to just click a button to re-run would be ideal.

Thanks for listening!


+1, manually restarting a workflow is currently the feature I miss the most.

I my case it would be even better if I could start a workflow on push to *other* repositories (for instance rebuild a top-level project when dependencies have changed).


IMO, this is really a must feature for any CI service.


Hi all, I’m not entirely sure if this is appropriate or not to self promote here, but my buddy and I built an extremely basic MVP for handling this exact situation, because we wanted this feature as well:

We built it as fast as we could so it’s still very quirky, but we’d love feedback. There’s a contact email on that landing page.

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Its very hard to survive without this. Please, remove the condition to show the “rerun checks” only when the workflow failed.


Just fleshing out my workflow and got a lot of

dummy commit to trigger CI/CD workflow

commit messages in my repo so far :smiley:

It is very much required.


Is there any update on this feature request.


Yes, this would actualy be helpful! Simply remove the condition of failed.
I found this blog post which creates a workaround for manually triggering the workflow through a curl request using the API:

Could you please add me and my group to this feature request?

Today’s github outage meant that a few of our Actions runs didn’t trigger, and now I am forced to manually delete and re-apply the commits so they trigger properly.


Solution that works for me: To re-run a successful commit, push that commit onto a new branch or add a new tag.

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I second to remove the conditional re-run. In the meantime I have added a Github Action for a manual rerun that I trigger from Postman. It is a quick setup and works great. I have the steps outlined here 

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Said no successful pipeline service ever. Absolutely necessary in real world use. Showstopper. Prime example are those who could not run jobs because GitHub went down.

Forcing a commit is not a reasonable solution unless it’s stated that this feature is coming, and only then is it an acceptable workaround.

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We are migrating from GitLab to GitHub and I really really miss the feature to trigger the CI/CD pipeline manually. A “re-run” button shouldn’t be too hard to implement, either :wink:


Trying to move from CircleCI to the Github Actions and really miss the ability to re-run the workflow instead of creating a dummy commit.

There is a re-run button: