Is it possible to list Issues/PR per team

Suppose I have this team

I want to see all issues or PR of any of their members just like I can do for my own pulls

Something like :


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Brice,

Unfortunately, doesn’t have capabilities to filter pull requests by team name or multiple authors.

However, in Advanced Search, you can search pull requests by multiple authors like this:

If your team has lots of members, you can use the List team members API endpoint to get the list of members’ username.

GitHub CLI ( is a handy option to get the job done.

$ gh api --paginate orgs/maintainers/teams/Moderators/members -q '.[].login' | perl -nle 'push @authors, sprintf("author:$_"); END {print join " ", @authors}'
author:clarkbw author:smashwilson author:phillmv author:MikeMcQuaid author:derekprior author:yassskatie author:lee-dohm author:lukehefson author:srt32 author:ajjimenez author:vanessayuenn author:labrose author:naytri author:SSDGM

For more information about searching, please refer the document.
Searching issues and pull requests - GitHub Docs


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