Is it possible to increase the size of an array on GitHub Pages

I am about to publish a page for a repo that gets continuous data from a server.  The data will be saved in an array which get displayed to a user. Every time the page loads, a GET request will be sent to the server to check if there are any new articles. If there are, then the new article data will be added to the aray.

Is it possible to have a growing array like that on GitHub Pages? I can’t use the server to send the array as it is tied to a different site.

My thought was that GitHub Pages would completely refresh the array and my user would have to wait for multiple minutes in order to update it.


GitHub Pages is a static site host. This means that there is no server-side code executed like Ruby, PHP, or Python. You can, however, host JavaScript code in your GitHub Pages site which is downloaded by and executed in the viewer’s browser, in other words on the client-side.

With that said, if your goal is for the GitHub Pages server to do some work to periodically refresh the data in the viewer’s browser, then the answer is no, Pages will not do that for you. If your goal is for GitHub Pages to transfer JavaScript code to the viewer’s browser which will periodically update itself from some non-Pages server, then yes, GitHub Pages can do that.