Is it possible to have port forwarding/a public URL without needing to login?

I am trying to create an integration that requires a platform’s web service to hit my endpoint. I am developing the endpoint code (Flask app) within a Github Codespace. I am able to visit the URL from my browser ( where I am logged into Github but when I try in an incognito window or using curl, I get redirected to a Github login page.

Is there any way to bypass this or is this by design to not allow people to host services, even in development, on Codespaces?

Many thanks!


Hey! Adding support for public/unauthenticated ports is on our roadmap, but it isn’t currently supported. We’ll make sure to share out updates as we make progress on this :+1:

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Thanks for the response! Glad it’s not just me. Might be worth making it a little more explicit in the docs.

By the way… any concerns with running something like ngrok in a codespace, to get around this current limitation?

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Yeah using ngrok would be a good near-term workaround for this!

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Responding to myself to say that running ngrok inside a Codespace worked just fine