Is it possible to have 2 github pages in one repository?

I have put the TOS.html beside the index.html, but I don’t know if making another webpage is allowed or even possible. If it is, how do I open it? doesn’t work. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


Hello @SRoy89, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

Your page is available here: (please note that file/folder names are case-sensitive)

If you would like it accessible from you would need to create a folder named “tos” (without the quotes) and include an index.html file in this folder.

I see now, thanks. By folder, did you mean making a new repository or a folder inside my current repository? I can’t find a way to make a new folder, I can only see a “upload new files” button and “create” file button. Please help thanks again

When you use “create” there’s a field for you to enter the file name. If you type something and then a slash (/) it’ll automatically recognize that as a path including a directory. E.g. if you type test/index.html that’ll result in a directory called test and a file index.html in there. Likewise if you edit a file in the web GUI you can edit the file name, including directories (type ../ at the start of that field to go up a level).

That said, a better way might be to use the command line or local GUI of your choice and move the file using that.

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