Is it possible to get user login by email

While getting list of commits in particular repo only email is returned in author and commiter fields of an object. Can’t get login attribute there. Is it possible to get user details such as avatar via api call having user email? This is for getting user info but by login only and I don’t understand how to get user login from /commits endpoint

Trying to solve this task - get all commits for repo and get user details for each commiter.

Thanks in advance.

As I mentioned in your previous question, not all commits have a login associated with them. If there is no login associated with a commit, then there is no login for that commit no matter how many hoops you jump through. Since this is a duplicate of your previous topic, I’m going to close this one. We do this to keep the forum tidy and keep conversation all in one place so people searching don’t have to read a bunch of different topics to get the whole answer. If you have additional questions along this line, please reply on the original topic.