Is it possible to find the project boards an issue is associated with using the REST API?

I’m developing a Github webhook that gets notifications on issue updates.

These issues are associated to one of more Github Project Boards

The body payload shows this information related to the updated issue:

Nothing about issue association with project boards. Is there a way to get this information?

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Making a request to the REST API for getting an issue will not include the project that an issue is a part of.

Instead, you can go through the list of cards in the project (using the Projects API, specifically the list project cards endpoint).

When you fetch a card, the content_url field will point to an issue if the card was created from an issue. I hope this helps!

Hi @francisfuzz, thank you for your answer. What you suggest could be a valid workaround though I guess it’s not really optimal since I would have to go through every project card to match the issue which triggered the webhook.

Anyway that’s the way the API is hehe. Thanks again!

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