Is it possible to disable redirection from `` to custom domain for a sepcific repo?


I want to keep original domain IF user originally went through it. And only for a specific repository.

For example,

Expected behavior when redirection is disabled:

  • → keep
  • → keep custom domain

Expected behavior when redirection is enabled:

  • redirect to custom domain
  • → keep custom domain

Is there any option?

Hi @3f, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

Not if you’ve added your custom domain to your repository, no. When you add a custom domain to that repository it replaces all instances of your address for any Pages site hosted from your account. You can still attach other custom domains to your other repositories though.

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Thank you for a quick reply, Thomas!

You can still attach other custom domains to your other repositories though.

For some cases like<file> or<file> it will not be a good option because they are just reference some specific latest attachment directly from github release page and doesn’t actually use github pages. Thus custom domains are a bit weird for this.

It would be really nice to see any option in future anyway. I also voted this


I have never tried this one, but I don’t know also what will be the effect.

What if you create several organizations even though you are just alone. For every organization is another separate root domain. I’m sure that it will not affect your user account because GitHub treats that as shared user accounts, so it can’t be tied to a specific user account, even though you are the owner. Hence, you can even customize that with your own custom domain without affecting your user account.