Is it possible to customise the new issues page beyond adding templates?

For example, I have two groups of templates and I want to separate them and include titles for each group. Let’s say, in the below image, I wanted to group the bottom three templates separately from the top three. Or maybe change the green “Get started” button to show different text.

I can’t see any way to do something like this. If there is no way, could anyone suggest the best way to split groups of templates that are almost—but not quite—identical?

seems that the image your referring to is missing from your post!


I purposely removed it because it wasn’t relevant, but forgot to remove my reference to it.
I’m talking about the page you see when you hit “New Issue” after adding templates.

I’ve looked at the GH Docs on this, including Manually creating a single issue template for your repository and Configuring issue templates for your repository and couldn’t find any references on how to do this.

The templates chooser is automatically generated by aggregating the various template files, and there doesn’t seem to be any YAML tricks (e.g. a template with special keywords that would generated a separator or grouper instead), and there are no extra keys for qualifying templates in this respect.

I therefore think that it’s not currently possible, unless there’s some undocumented trickery to achieve this (you never know).

No problem,

Thanks for looking into it. Saved me the time of continuing down this route. :slight_smile: