Is it possible to create a tandem between dev-stage-prod of a site and use that to push content ?

Hi there, 

I’m a non-code developer, been working with wordpress for almost 4-5 years now and as they say, I have been cow-boy coding till now. I recently understood that it is possible ( correct me, If i’m wrong) to use git/github to manage content and changes for a wordpress site with all the 3 enviroments. 

I have tried google, youtube and a few blog posts which were put up explaining such a process…and everytime I try to trace their steps and do as suggested, I get lost and stuck not sure what to do. At times, the video are old enough, which means a lot has changed including the layout and features, or they go too deep, where i can’t follow them. 

I’m running a mac with xamp and atom installed. SSH is complete ghost to me. Is there anyone who can guide me thru just once, or maybe share some resource or video that I can refer too.