Is it possible that GitHub is not up for the task?

My account was flagged 5 days ago which I can only think was a false positive by an automated system. Sending emails to Support and contacting via the Contacts page have gotten me nowhere. On the forums, people are asked to contact Support because their details cannot be discussed in public; no one talks about what can be done when Support doesn’t want to talk to them.

Based on the volume of messages here, it seems to be normal to not hear back from GitHub in a reasonable time; it seems to be acceptable for GitHub to upend people’s lives for so long. Due to the huge and immediate impact that flagging an account has on the developers and their users, maybe GitHub should look at these tickets at a higher urgency than others. I don’t believe that being a free service is an excuse for providing such a shameful level of support.

Hey @amoo-miki,

Thank you for being here! Thanks for your patience as we are working through some higher than usual volumes. I can verify we have received your support request and will be contacting you shortly.