Is issue.user.login the actual issue creator?

I currently have a auto-commenter action setup that responds to common issues based on assigned labels.
This action right now has a {{ sender.login }} placeholder to get replaced with a name.

Unfortunately as I recently found out, is sender.login actually whoever caused the issue action (Makes sense).
I however want the actual issue creator in order to respond with the right name.
Looking at the Webhook events and payloads page does it seem like the actual part I want to use is issues.user.login.

Is this the actual user who created (opened) the issue, or is there a possibility that this object would also change over time?

Hi @andre601,

Yes, you can get the creater from the user object in webhook payload, it’s not changed.

Your link points to pull request payload, the creater is ${{ github.event.pull_request.user.login }}.

For common issue, the creater is ${{ github.event.issue.user.login }}.