Is github copilot free

Is github copilot free
i just singed up and want to be sure
And will it stay free
if it not free (or stays free) where can i sign out

Greetings Curry
(sorry for not to good english still learning)

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you may want to check this out

Additionally, people who maintain popular open source projects receive a credit to have 12 months of GitHub Copilot access for free. A maintainer of a popular open source project is defined as someone who has write or admin access to one or more of the most popular open source projects on GitHub. Simply visit the GitHub Copilot subscription page to see if you are one of the open source maintainers that meet our criteria for a complimentary subscription. If you do, you should see that you can add GitHub Copilot for no charge. If you see a charge on the purchase page then this means that you do not qualify at this time. Once awarded, if you are still a maintainer of a popular open source project when your initial 12 months subscription expires then you will be able to renew your subscription for free.

Can you provide some examples of popular open-source repos that would qualify? I’m a maintainer for which is part of the node.js org but I don’t have the free license in my account.

me too…
I personally open source and maintain a number of high-star AI algorithm projects.
but l don’t have access for free.

@benhalverson and @chencodeX I can look into this for you!

@chencodeX - mind linking me to the repo you maintain please?