Is Github Actions totally free for public repositories?


I work on public open source projects (public repositories). I am currently using Tavis CI (that was totally free) but I am considering to migrate to Github Actions. However, I don’t fully understand the pricing…

In the landing page, it says that Github Actions loves open source and it is free, however in pricing page, it seems that is not fully free (limitations):

So I have several questions:

  1. Is it really and totally free ?
  2. Is the 2000 minutes/month limitation is active for public repositories ?
  3. What happens when the 2000 minutes/month are reached ?
  • Do I have to pay to run workflows ?
  • Do I have to wait for the next month ?
  • Are my current workflows/jobs stopped ?
  • Is extra consumption of running workflows postponed to the next month (for example, my workflows run for 2200 minutes in january, so in februray I only get 1800 minutes) ?
  1. What about unused minutes in a month (sometimes I work on open source projects but sometimes I don’t have enough time so I don’t work on open source for several months). So are unused minutes added to the next month or is it just lost ?

It’s 2,000 minutes per month for private repositories on the free plan.

Public repositories are free and do not count towards the minutes.