IPython notebooks are not rendered

I cannot view ipynb files in my private repository. “Sorry, something went wrong. Reload?” But it worked yesterday.

Whereas IPython notebooks from a public repository are rendered properly.


Same here, something must have changed recently so that significant portion of my notebooks no longer render.

The issue is resolved now

Hi! The same problem again. Jupyter notebook does not render.

Error Message: 

Sorry, something went wrong. Reload?



Same problem with my repositories. Have you done anything to get it running?

To anyone who works for github:

I have been grappling with the Sorry, something went wrong. [Reload?] issue for months. I have many notebooks in many repositories. (One such example is here).

Whenever a notebook fails with Sorry, something went wrong. [Reload?] , the same notebook will be fine some time later , where “ some time later ” can be anywhere from several minutes to several hours (up to maybe a day). However that doesn’t mean that it won’t start failing again several hours after that.

I am convinced github.com is using a service (hosted somewhere) to render notebooks, and that sometimes this service either gets into a bad state, or crashes; when that happens notebooks won’t render until the service is bounced (or somehow has its “good” state restored).

I would be happy to volunteer my time to help investigate the issue, if it is otherwise not a priority for github.com to allocate the resources. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

This can be very inconvenient, even embarrassing, to say the least, when I am trying to provide support to users of my public repositories and they tell me that the notebooks to which I direct them are not rendering.

Thank you.