iPadOS trackpad doesn’t scroll

I’m on my iPad, with the Magic Keyboard, and was hoping to use Codespaces for dev work. But when I try to scroll (with the trackpad) inside an editor window, or any other panel, it won’t move. Scrolling with my fingers works fine.


Thanks for reporting this, we’re tracking it and we’ll circle back when it’s fixed.

I’m having the same “no scrolling support” using regular Mouse Wheel (connected via Bluetooth to my iPad). Is this issue tracking this too, or should I open a new one?

@alefragnani Are you referring to a scrolling issue on a non-iPadOS device? It’s likely that the scrolling issue is similar in each case, so we can probably track it using this single topic for now :+1:

@lostintangent no, it’s on an iPad, using a Bluetooth mouse.

I updated my previous comment to be more clear. Sorry about that.

Thank you

Going to +1 on this as well. Does not function on both the magic keyboard trackpad, Magic Trackpad and Bluetooth mouse, on any browser.

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+1 iOS 14 with Magic Keyboard. Scrolling is not working correctly.

I have the same problem with Logitech Combo Touch and iPadOS 13.6.1

+1 with the magic keyboard’s trackpad.

+1, Unable to scroll the editor while using magic keyboard trackpad

Scrolling with the trackpad is fixed with changes in Safari for iOS 14.5. While the ship date of iOS 14.5 is not yet announced, a beta version of iOS 14.5 is available through Apple’s beta program. Keep in mind, via the beta program you cannot just selectively update Safari, but your whole OS to 14.5.

I have been running this for a bit and it’s quite nice with the fix (although still a few more things to go, we know) :slight_smile:

I’m marking this as a solution because it solved the scrolling issue. I noticed you can’t drag to select text, but I’m not bothered by it enough to open a separate thread for now.

For those on iPadOS 14.5 Beta and trying to use the feature, it only works when the URL bar is hidden. You’ll either need to scroll a little bit if you’re in Safari, or add your Codespace to the home screen (definitely preferred since you won’t run into any keyboard shortcut conflicts).