iOS app: Labels not updated

After having editing the labels of an issue, the labels presented in the issue list are not updated (old ones are still shown).

One has to refresh the list (pull down whole list) to update the displayed labels.

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Why? Because of:

updates not installed? (iOS App Store)

I use the version 1.12.0 which is the one currently available on the App Store.
To repeat the issue:

  1. Select Home in the toolbar
  2. Select a project
  3. Tap on “Issues”
  4. Select an issue
  5. Raise the “Comment” view
  6. Tap on “Edit” at the right of the Labels header
  7. Replace the current label
  8. Tap “Done”
  9. Close the view. The modification is added at the bottom of the page of the issue.
  10. Return to the “Issues” list. The labels of the edited issue are unchanged.

I don’t have iOS. Please say other things.

I have the same issue