Introduction to Node with Express is outdated

Hi Guys,

The “Introduction to Node with Express” is outdated and cannot be completed without some manual intervention at the POST /login step.

I’d love to contribute or help out in fixing this (it’s only 3 additional lines of code to get it working).

Can I do this via a pull request? Or is there a way to get in contact with the maintainer?

Hi there. 👋

I think this is the repository you’re looking for everydeveloper/node-express-course, no license so I would suggest adding an issue.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for bringing this up to us, and pinpointing the exact course that is having the issue. Unfortunately the course you are referring to is not maintained by The GitHub Training Team, rather it is a community creation.

You’ll need to open an issue, as suggested, for the maintainers at everydeveloper to see so they can fix the bug.