Introduction to Java

Can someone please explain these last steps. I can’t get through this exercise. Is there a way to ask the author of the test for help or see the final product?
this is the link to the lab if you’d like to try from the beginning. Introduction to Java | GitHub Learning Lab

You created your first Java program!:coffee::grinning: This is the end of this intro course. If you would like to continue working on your cupcake shop, here are some potential next steps:

Next Steps:

  • Declair a “totalCost” variable, and a “addOnList” variable

int totalCost; String addOnList;

  • Write a custom method that takes a string and integer as arguments, then adds them to our cost and addOnList variables

static void addItem(String item, int cost) { totalCost+=cost; addOnList+=item; }

  • Write if statements before each add-on to see if they want that add-on (ex: do you want filling? We have … ). If they respond with anything but “no”, call your addItem method with their input and a cost as arguments.

if (frostingType != “no”){ addItem(frostingType,2); addOnList+=", "; }

  • Modify the finial statement so it displays the new cost variable and addOnList statement.

hello @AlanGervin! It looks like you can post an issue directly to the course author here .

Thank you so much. I for the life of me could not figure out where to do that. Was it just on the same page I got the course from? It’s great having the answer but could you explain how you found that. Knowing the how is more important than being given the info sometimes. I want to be able to repeat this in the future if I run into more issues