Introduce Yourself!

Sure, send me a message at

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Hello everyone

I’m a frontend developer, nice to meet y’all

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Hi y’all
New here😊…

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why do not want me to get your support?

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Hi my name is Daniel Moore, When I was in high school I took classes on Web Development (About an hour each school day for a year).

I tried to go back into it after high school and due to extreme anxiety I quited everytime getting a little further.

I recently have seen a psychiatrist and am doing much better with my anxiety. I have coded for 10 hours everyday for the last month. I am trying hard to become a web developer. I recently hit a hard spot and found a website called the odin project and now I am following along in their web development course. 

Thank you so much for reading this and for your time. 

Sincerly Daniel Moore

Hello! I am new and in dire need of help. I cannot grasp what a “pull” is? Is that the same thing as “proposing” an (object) to be tested by others for submission?

Hi everyone,

My name is Diego. I have a background on HTML/CSS + JS, and have done a few websites and web apps in the past.

Here to get involved in open source projects, and hopefully make meaningful contributions. Also, currently working on shifting from an Electrical Engineer career focused on hardware to a C.S. career. Potentially doing a masters soon, but filling in the gaps on algorithms and other concepts with Coursera first.



Hello. I am a new forum member

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read the official docs. coming from the API explorer, this shocked me a bit.


curl -H “Authorization: bearer ${github_token}” -X POST -d “{ query: query {viewer {login} }”


the query doesn’t work. it maybe too late but could the API be changed to not require JSON input.

that would at least be a major improvement over APIv3. If json mania is strong, you could have at least chosen Hjson or friends.

Till then, its v4 is not for me. As long as I’m not forced to use it.

I am a 56-year-old owner and CEO of a small B2B software company for 10 years with backgrounds on very big projects, locked up at home with time to volunteer. I would like to promote a very ambitious and unique project for the open source community I love. Please help me using github and recruit top experts

“Help build CoronaFree, a public, open source mobile phone app that can track cases of contagious people and potentially hazardous contacts, and grant free movement to non-contagious people to help back to normal life”


Hey, I am new in this group but it already feels like a family = )

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Beautiful life for ever one

Hello ,I’m new here

Ah to all and verry help me

Hi everyone wherever you maybe. First I hope everyone and their loves ones are safe and following government guideline and self respect of others to help us all get through this period which is the first one in this lifetime. My name is Abdou and I’m new to coding I don’t have no prior experiences. I work more with ladder logic which is in my line of duty.

I’m taking C++ class on line and get me book just to learn. I’m passionate to learn this language which is the only one I fall for yet. I was advise to join this site where Ill come across experienced ladies and gentlemen that may advise and help me get to it.

Be safe out there.



Hello! Happy to be here.

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I am Allison and I am a new forum member. I am a Self thought Python developer.

I also want to get to share my knowledge and learn from the community.


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I hope I’m getting this intro right.   The paragraph said

                   “If you’re so inclined, introduce yourself below!” 

I did not see where “below” to take this action, so I am trying the “reply” button.  

(suggestion:  if the “reply” button is the correct action to take, I would suggest text below the button that says something like:  “REPLY here to introduce yourself”.  This will help the literal newbies (like me) with their first navagation of github. )

My Introduction:

I am an entrepreneur, copywriter, MOM (also cpa with legal experience).  I just signed up for the pro version of git hub to help me in all of these endeavors.    

It would be awesome if someone could step forward as a mentor.   I would be so appreciative to find someone(s) that would work on a project (my idea that I need help to develop) with me.    

I am going to really date myself, but my first experience on a keyboard was on a manual typewriter that was a holiday present.  In HS I took typing classes using an IBM Seletric (the workhorse of the 80’s).  In college, I worked for a research project and sat at a behemouth machine to enter data on punch cards.   My college programming experience consisted of basic and cobol.   Stop laughing!!!    

As part of my first professional job I was an information systems auditor.   I wrote code (I don’t remember the language) to audit the databases and info processing systems of some behemouth companies (AMEX, McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing), Casinos and others…).    I’ve had other professional jobs in the areas of accounting and (unfortunately) legal.   My greatest “job” has been MOM - go call your MOM now!    

As the kiddos leave (most are grown up enough for me to have MY time again) I am going full steam ahead with entrepreneurial and copywriting endeavors.    I have no doubt that diving back into the modern coding world will be beneficial for all that I want to do going forward, but will need support.     If you are willing to help, I’d be open to chatting.    

MOM says:  don’t forget to close the laptop and go outside for some fresh air and exercise - the dog needs walking and so do you!      Have a great day!  ccebyshari


Hi everyone,

I am new to Github.

I am a self-taught UX/UI designer, animator and front-end developer using HTML and CSS. Although I started learning Javascript recently, I am still very new to it.

I created an account on Github as a learning platform and I want to invest as much time as possible on advancing my skills while collaborating on web dev projects.

If you have any project I can help with, please get in touch