Introduce Yourself!

Hi all,

After reading the people replies here , i get encouraged to write and introduce myself. I feel the atmosphere here is friendly and encouraging to learn and improve.

I’m Hersi and i started learning HTML & CSS to start my fornt-end journey.

I planning after i practice HTML/CSS very good then to start learning JS and use it with HTML/CSS.

I would love to know other HTML/CSS learners or mentor to work together to improve our skills.

we can start our own boot-camp to learn together and get tips ,solutions from each others.

feel free to contact me ,

Best regards

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Hi All,

The replies on this forum is encouraging to learn and improve.

I’m Hersi and I started my front-End learning with HTML/CSS.

I’m planning after i practice very will HTML/CSS to start JS.

I want to practice with other leaner here. we can share tips, solutions and ideas to improve practices.

Please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards


Welcome to our GitHub community @2div! Glad to have you here :slight_smile:



i am new to programming .started out with python and learning more each day.

any advice will be cherished.


Hi @silvamania and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Python was also my first programming language.

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Here are a few things about me

  • In terms of the coding language, I don’t understand shit!
  • I have a friend who has experience in JS (Javascript) coding
  • I’m working on my first GitHub project right now
  • I listen to “Staind” (and other rock bands)
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Hi everyone,
I’m Yohan Sandun. I’m currently studying at college. I’m fashioned about open source and I’m a member of FOSS community in my college. Also I’m looking forward to apply for GitHub Campus Expert program. My favorite languages are C# and Java. And I’m running a YouTube channel as well. Checkout my GitHub page.

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Hi all - new here! Looking to learn more and contribute when possible.


Hello, my name is Carlo, I’m not familiar at all with the structure of this website, so I apologize in advance if my actions will be/sound as not proper but I can’t find help on common discussion forums. Or maybe I could but wasn’t lucky
I’m following acidanthera/NvMeFix because I have an issue that potentially I could solve with some help.
Now I have to understand who to contact, but I don’t even know if this is the ethics on here…


Hello again! Maybe It’s because I’ve stopped all my past internet social activities (which doesn’t mean that I compare this website to Facebook or others, because that would be an insult!) BUT I found Gihub hard to understand at first. It took me a while to understand how to do what I wanted to do. Which is probably a good thing…
anyway it’s a great place.
See ya soon!

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Welcome @Github2503 :slight_smile: What’s the project you are working on if you care to share?

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Welcome @YohanSandun, thank you for the great introduction :slight_smile:


Welcome @mraw435, great to have you here!


Welcome @cEST8! Glad to hear you’re finding GitHub useful.

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I’m trying to fetch a GoDaddy website I made, I’m having some trouble doing it (cause I’m not a technical coding genius)

The repo is below

The link to the community post is below

Cloudflare Community invite

Join the Cloudflare Community using the link in the text “Cloudflare Community


My name is Thiago Guedes. My friends call me Guedes. You can do too, folk!

I- already- help this communities linked to technology and collaboration:

:pushpin:I help Digital Innovation One ( students, and I am 2nd in reputation and contribution in the international ranking on the study platform;
:pushpin: Community of IT students at the Catholic University of Brasília, UCB;

:pushpin:Grupo Diversi-TI - administrator and interested in helping people relocate (Sign Up | LinkedIn);

:pushpin:Google Local Guide, level 08 - where I am part of the 10% of guides that contribute the most to the community worldwide; Here are some numbers from last year:
:heavy_check_mark:151,564 views
of the photos added this year;
:heavy_check_mark:1,717 views
of ratings added this year;
:heavy_check_mark:I earned enough points to be among the top 5% Local Guides in Brasília-DF! :sunglasses::v:t2:

:pushpin:I post articles on Medium (@sradtsor);

Hard Skills I have and always in continuous evolution:
:heavy_check_mark:MySQL database;
:heavy_check_mark:Languages ​​and Frameworks: JavaScript and ReactJs;
:heavy_check_mark:Agile Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban and Notepad;
:heavy_check_mark:Version: Git, GitHub and Vercel.

Soft Skills I’ve already been praised for:
:heavy_check_mark: Good communication in attendance;
:heavy_check_mark:Team spirit and owner pain;
:heavy_check_mark: Helpful;
:heavy_check_mark:Leadership, from the military;
:heavy_check_mark:Thinking outside the box;
:heavy_check_mark: I know how to follow orders and pay attention to what was asked.

Send a message, we are human!

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Hi @Guedesou and welcome to our GitHub community! Wow, that is an impressive profile. So glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Thanks, Anna! Following you on GitHub!
Love your passion for Communities! :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello I am new here!

I joined because I’m having problems getting github working for me!

Any help would be much appreciated!

Kind Regards,

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hello,everyone,my name is Zhang Qiang ,i comefrom china ,i like javascript, I’m a front end developor.