Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone im new so the coding game lol. divorced father of 2 amazing teens. just killing time and Educating myself since I am on the address with a separate a clavicle LOL. im only here to learn how to build a Professional website for my up and rising company. I also have great ideas on an amazing invention that will change the world so if you’re in amazing computer programmer I could probably use your help I will probably be very successful together. I was originally opening up my company for me and my wife while now ex-wife and our five kids. So now I work for myself I push my own dreams.

Hello Everyone !
I am Prajwal115 . I hope you all are doing well . I am new to this community ! I create websites and programs . I have experience in HTML , PHP , MySQL , Javascript , C# . I want to gain knowledge about other programming languages and share my knowledge on this amazing github community ! .

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Greetings. My name is Kanata, Kanata.EXE. It’s nice to meet you all.

I’m a Godot game developer and have some experience with it. I’ve also published my first android game on Play Store.

I also have some experience in using Python and Java, though they’re kinda rusty.