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Hello Everyone, I’m new

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Welcome, welcome! Thank you for joining us :blush:


Hi Community Members

I am Saimanoj S, a Pursuing Student at Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju Engineering College, Bhimavaram, India. I am a Former Software Development Intern with the SanRon Consultancy Services LLP. I’m part of a group that is Spark AR Facilitator for Spack AR Technology. where we focus on Image Filters on Facebook and Instagram and I’m part of a Google Cloud Facilitator Program by Government Engineering College, Idukki (GECI), Kerala.


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I’m just starting with this forum and I’ve been trying to figure out json and how to use it, I wanted to change my SD card into a partitioned drive similar to a hard drive and that’s how I found Git and Git-Hub. I’m hoping to learn alot

Hi all!
how are you? Hope you are fine
I’m Mohammad Al-Nozaili, a software developer and I’m new here!
Since the beginning of my journey as a software developer, I have undertaken many projects and collaborated with talented people to create more efficient projects. I am a driven individual with the ability to adapt to any situation, and I am constantly improving my skills over time.

Hello everyone I am new here .I am studying Python.

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I am Percy. New to GitHub. I am a learner and have no experience in this field.
In the mid of learning I wanted to download GitHub. But it goes to the external link for windows.
Is this okay to go to external link to download it?

:wave: Hello! I’m Francis. I’ve been with GitHub since 2015 where I started as a Support Engineer. I recently joined the Community Support team as a program manager, focused on helping folks here find solutions to commonly asked questions. If you have any questions about the forum itself, you’re welcome to field the question in the Welcome & Announcement category and our team will do our best to help (as we don’t currently have a Site Feedback or Meta category).

@percymarys - Welcome! :wave: It’s possible to download GitHub Desktop to interact with I suggest checking out that page and the GitHub Desktop Documentation for getting started. If you have any questions about how any other GitHub feature, I suggest starting in GitHub Help and searching for an existing topic or creating a new one to get help from the community. I hope this helps!


my name is steven mcculloch and i am interested n getting involved w github. i am not familiar with code, but like the procedure that github has established- multiple sources, contributing to an end product, regardless of the physical locale of the team members. and feel i can contribute n other ways, namely n management, writing, and creating/retrieving graphics.

i am just getting my feet wet and would appreciate any help i can get at this point! please reply and let me know ure feelings about all of this. good luck to all of you n your current projects and i hope to contact you soon!

Hi folks!A recent bootcamp grad here!Seeking to land my first job in the industry!

Hi! I’m Peter Marigold, I’m a furniture maker who has stumbled into a piece of software design! I have no idea at all what I’m doing and I’m really trying to find help in making it work and open to ideas :slight_smile: GitHub - petermarigold/filestapler: A handy desktop tool that staples files together
File Stapler -

Hello! I am Jason. Frontend developer and aspiring full stack developer…here to learn more about how it works to collaborate with others using github as I have not yet had this opportunity. Looking to learn how to properly utilize things like pull requests, merges, issues, actions, and other things of this nature that I know I am forgetting but those are primarily the things I am here to attempt to gain a grasp on in order to have skills that will translate into usefulness for someone in the real world. I can write a bunch of frontend code and work with Node and
node_modules and build apps and websites but am unclear as of now how that could be of service or contribute to something bigger. There I am. Nice to meet you all.