Introduce Yourself!

Hello…! Am new to github i would like to learn more about python here

Welcome to an awesome and friendly community, we are delighted to have you on board with us, hopefully, your stay here will be full of learning new things, every day!


       Thank you for the warm welcome. Considering its very hard to get emotional context in text you did a great job trying to make the warmth show through. I’m very new to this and just started to figure this place out. I’m very excited to start my new venture in the coding world. Classes, Resources, Forums, Teams that are organizational and levels with titles is a very nice touch. I’m very much starting out at the hello world stage and the cat pic almost took me for ever because of an “s” http instead of https. lol What the difference is between the two i still need to google. have a wonderful day after reading my novel and we can message back and forth in the future i hope with awesome news, funny jokes or serious code problems to make a better digital world.



Hi all, I’m a freelance musician and audio technician specializing in tuba, sousaphone, ableton, max, and vsig3. Now I’m learning JUCE, which means it’s time to learn Git too :slight_smile:

Hi all, just joined your forum, I am very noobie and I got here as I would like to install on my Raspberry a rep from  Github which can monitor my photovoltaic system.  Is there any section of this forum where I can search some posts and learn how to do this ? Or altrernatively, are there any tutorials to help me ?  Tks a lot !

Hello everyone!

My name is Mark Beacom.

I’m currently working as a principal cloud architect with Cloudreach.

If you’d like to discuss OSS sustainability, python, cloud providers, architecture, horticulture, or mycology, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Welcome @harrylukeides, We hope you enjoy your learning experience here! May I suggest you check out our Learning Lab’s intro to GitHub course:

Is a free course and a great way to start to learn about GitHub’s capabilities.

Hello guys, my names Brian Thomas but I’m using my username is maronkoders. I’m more inclined to php development language with laravel and lumen as my main frameworks for both api driven apps and ordinary applications in need of a robust back end. Currently, I’m busy learning new internationally recognised backend Enterprise languages such as Python, Node.js and as for the frontend i taking a leap on React js. I’m working to become a strong full stack web developer.

hey guys! Raksha here.

I’m currently learning data structures and algorithms using java. 

Today, I made my first ever pull request, that got merged. 

I’m excited to start my open source journey. 

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Congratulations @rakshakannu That is amazing!

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Hey [waves]

New to the forums and New to Git Hub.

Artist and Writer Exploring Python, C# and Code::Poetry.

How we can use code for narrative and play with language.

Interested in what makes certain solutions so… beautiful

pleased to meet you.

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Hello Everyone,
I am Aditya Raman  I am a Software Developer and Engineer. I have been working on GitHub for almost 4 years and tried developing a lot of products.

I generally prefer Python to code and currently working on a series of articles on Data Science.

You can get connected with me through these links:


Thank You

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I’m from Sri Lanka. I’m new to coding. I started an introductory course on Java on EDx and now going through the final module. I’ve very little knowledge on coding but I finding coding very interesting since I’ve started few days ago. My interest about coding came after learning about BlockChain and it’s amazing implementation. 
My aim is to become a BlockChain developer. Hope I’ll be able to contribute to this amaxzing community soon!
Love you all. <3

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Hi everyone!

I have been using github for a few years, I am currently on a project using Github API resources.

I hope to contribute to the forum!

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may I introduce me and my project.
I’m working on this: softSocialNetwork
the goal is to do an application that can brodcast peaceful content like music, pictures and short videos.
more about it here:

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Vitaly.
I’m glad to be part of this community.


Hello I am @MingisKing I am new and I just started programming. I enjoy using Python. I hate :bug:s. and :heart: de :bug:ing.

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Thank you all for having me here!