Introduce Yourself!

Eddie, i prog in excel vba, arduino C, spin (paralax), htm, javascript. Looking for actual programmers to help with an astro astrology project

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مرحبا بالجميع هنا وعلى رأسهم المؤسسون والمعلم وجميع الادارة

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Hi @ahmead23yaser23, We are happy you are here.  Unfortunately, we don’t currently have moderators for languages other than English. What this means is that, until that changes, we need to ask that everyone use English here in the GitHub Community Forum when posting. Thanks for understanding!

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Hi I’m a developer at Velara3 writing web site creation software and plugins for design tools and sometimes write software for companies. 

I’ve been a member of Github for a few years and it has been a pleasant experience! 

I’d like to add some basic git support to an app. I want to commit and push from a client app. I’m using ES6. 

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Hello, I am Nate. I am new here. I am learning C++ in college.

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Hi @deasn789 ,

Welcome on board Nate! We are glad to have you here!

Hi I’m Harsha, I’m a new member to github forum. I have posted my first question already.

I code mostly in Java but can dabble node,Angular etc. About to start learning Go.I’m very interested in contributing to OpenSource.


Hi my name is jenny. Nice to meet you


Thank you. My name is jenny

Hi. I find GitHub the perfect place to let my nitpicker personality express itself. 88% issues, as you can see .


welcome everyone


i am not new to git or gitub but new to github community forum. I am basically a software develper  and my major are C# .net and Javascript frameworks.  Glad to be here.

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Hi everyone!!! I start to get intrested at Python language.

Really happy to be here…


Kudos for the great introduction

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Hello everyone, my name is Tony Rodriguez and I was introduced to tool by father since before I could walk. Some of these tools hurt and others were out of my skill range, but over time I surpassed my master and I moved on. Coding has always been part of my scholastic schedule since paying for college was dificult engineering methods of retaining information vs. long hours or reading were my moto anyway I am here to learn and grow with the rest of yah, nice to meet you.


Code is successful. Encoding is like a law. That will be used to control the safety of things

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Hello…! Am new to github i would like to learn more about python here

Welcome to an awesome and friendly community, we are delighted to have you on board with us, hopefully, your stay here will be full of learning new things, every day!


       Thank you for the warm welcome. Considering its very hard to get emotional context in text you did a great job trying to make the warmth show through. I’m very new to this and just started to figure this place out. I’m very excited to start my new venture in the coding world. Classes, Resources, Forums, Teams that are organizational and levels with titles is a very nice touch. I’m very much starting out at the hello world stage and the cat pic almost took me for ever because of an “s” http instead of https. lol What the difference is between the two i still need to google. have a wonderful day after reading my novel and we can message back and forth in the future i hope with awesome news, funny jokes or serious code problems to make a better digital world.



Hi all, I’m a freelance musician and audio technician specializing in tuba, sousaphone, ableton, max, and vsig3. Now I’m learning JUCE, which means it’s time to learn Git too :slight_smile: