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This is Alex Shawn, And i am one and only son of George and Isabel who taught me how to draw and paint. I felt inspired by reading several books about illustrators. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of California. While researching these ancient civilizations, I got the inspiration that led to a series of old-world paintings which are “Dinosaurs on Parade” and “The City of Waterfalls”. I traveled to many countries to gather information for his own documentary book. Which is expected to be released in 2022. My hobbies are learning programming languages, Improving Home Decoration, Fishing and Traveling.
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Hi all. my name is Clement Okeodiwe  (@Clement313) from the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. Am a web developer in training. i’ll love to learn more on css, Javascript (React), Python (Django & Flask), Postgress. Thanks you  so much for reading.

Your web-newbie,

Okeodiwe Clement 


Welcome folks, we are happy you are here!


Hi all, I’m new here!


 Hi All,

My name is Armand Brunelle or you can find me with the user name @Sirlupinwatson1 on many web site.

I currently study Machine Learning to apply with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Virtual Reality and many project in mind. I am having hard time with Linear Algebra since it’s pretty far in my mind but with all the teacher and student here, i might be able to reach my goal. 

I currently live close to  Montreal  area,  QuebecCanada.

I am here to learn how Github is working, how to code mostly, contribute to open-source project and have fun with the community.

To me Github is like a  Gold Mine. I just found out about this forum and i really do like it. If each teacher could give just a small time or experience part from their hard work in their live to student here, this is the ideal world to me.  Knowledge is Power, Sharing Knowledge is Overpower.

Thanks to everyone involved in Github, Github Learning Center, Github Community and Contributors or even just  The Readers!!

Best Regards,
Armand B. or @Sirlupinwatson1

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Welcome @clement313 


Welcome folks! We are so happy you are here, I totally agree with you @sirlupinwatson1 as far as what’s the use of having knowledge if you don’t share it. We’re looking forward to seeing you around!


Hi @andreagriffiths11 

Thank you very much for the kinds words.

If i can make only a small difference, i will do, but together we can make a Huge Impact. 

Thanks for letting me in the community, i wish you a great evening ! ( GMT-5 here ) 

Regards, Armand B.

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Ola sou Mario, aluno de Sistemas para Internet do IFRS - Campus POA,  meu professor falou para aprender ao usar o GitHub, obrigado pela ajuda.


I’am new here can you help me out please and thank you!!!

just saying hi. Not totally new to github, but haven’t posted in the forums as yet. 


I am new. I am a partner in a law firm and we work mostly in corporate finance. My main speciality is venture captialism and mergers and acquisitions. A client advised that I visit this community. 

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Good luck with your career change. I did the same thing. I transitioned into law after 15 years as a policy analyst for a non-profit organization. 

Andrea Griffiths, I see that you are a community manager. I have a private question. Are you the person that would be able to help?

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Sure, send me a message at

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Hello everyone

I’m a frontend developer, nice to meet y’all

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Hi y’all
New here😊…

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why do not want me to get your support?

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Hi my name is Daniel Moore, When I was in high school I took classes on Web Development (About an hour each school day for a year).

I tried to go back into it after high school and due to extreme anxiety I quited everytime getting a little further.

I recently have seen a psychiatrist and am doing much better with my anxiety. I have coded for 10 hours everyday for the last month. I am trying hard to become a web developer. I recently hit a hard spot and found a website called the odin project and now I am following along in their web development course. 

Thank you so much for reading this and for your time. 

Sincerly Daniel Moore

Hello! I am new and in dire need of help. I cannot grasp what a “pull” is? Is that the same thing as “proposing” an (object) to be tested by others for submission?