Intro to HTML - Lesson 7: The bot deosn't respond

Hello all,

  I’m currently doing Intro to HTML and I’ve gotten as far as Lesson 7. After adding the tag and URL for my image it seems the bot has gotten stuck. I can’t get a response.  I’ve refreshed the page more than a few times and nothing happens. Below are two screenshots,

Here are my image tag and image URL:

Here’s a shot I took after refreshing the screen and waiting for the bot:

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated,


Hi @baterkari. I’ve taken a look at your pull request. 

Hi @BaterKari! I think it might help to change two things:

  • Make some spacing changes so it’s a bit easier to read
  • Close the \<img\> tag, which didn’t have a closing bracket or quotation around the URL

Let me know if this doesn’t help, and we’ll try to get you unstuck. :blush:

    <title>Visual Adventures Multimedia</title>
    <img src="">
    <h1>Hello there, awesome person! Welcome to Visual Adventures Multimedia</h1>
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Hello @brianamarie,

 I tried the changes to the PR you recommended, I still have no response.

Hi @baterkari

I looked at your progress and notice a few things that needs to be fixed. Could you please do the following

  1. Fix the typo for the <body> tag 

  1. Ensure that the fix is done in the follwing Pull Request

  1. I have also included some instructions in the same Pull Request

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: