Intro to Community ranks and badges


You may have noticed that there is a title next to your username.

nadia rank.jpg

This is your rank within the GitHub Community Forum. Your rank is an indication of how involved you are in the community. As you continue to visit and contribute, your rank will change based on your level of engagement and quality interactions with other users.

The more engaged you are, the more you rank up, eventually achieving the level of Mission Control. As you begin your journey in the community, your starting rank is Ground Controller.

Here are the ranks:

  1. Ground Controller
  2. Mission Specialist
  3. Copilot
  4. Pilot
  5. Commander
  6. Flight Director
  7. Mission Control

You’ll also see there are levels within each rank. Once you reach level three, you’re close to the next rank.  For example, if you’re a Pilot Lvl 3, you’re only one rank away from a Commander.

What can you do to get to the next level?

Great question! Here are some ways you can level up:

  • Give kudos
  • Help other users by answering their questions
  • Log in daily
  • Open up new and quality topics
  • Get your answer accepted as a solution

Really, any type of quality contribution improves your rank.

Levels are also based on longevity. If these actions are performed all at once, they’re factored into your rank, but they won’t change your rank faster. The longer you’re here, and the more positive actions you take over time , the higher your rank will become.

If you’re an extra-frequent contributor to the Community Forum, you might notice yourself skip a level or two. That’s all right–it just means everything lined up at the same time.

When you increase your level, you also unlock special privileges.  

Rank levels can allow you to take certain actions in the Community Forum. For instance, there may be Conversation Boards that require a particular rank level to open new topics.

What else can you achieve in the Community Forum?..


In addition to ranking up, you’ll have opportunities to earn special badges for your profile in the Community Forum. These badges are indicators of special achievements and milestones you’ll reach in the Community. They can be earned for reaching a certain rank, completing contests or challenges, or other significant happenings in the Community. 

The opportunities you can earn will keep growing, so keep up the good work! Next time you help your fellow community member, it may just send you to that next level. 

Reminder, you must be signed into the Community Forum to receive ranks and badges.