Internship - I could really use some advice

Hi all.
I am going to do my internship next semester, but I am in doubt of what to apply for in terms of what would benefit me on the long term.
I study business engineering with both commercial and software courses, and after my studies i hope to work with IT-project management in some sort.

Now to the real question- do you think that it would benefit me to take an internship as a developer or apply for an internship in IT-project management?

I have always used the term, the best car salesman is a mechanic which is also the reason why I’m considering the developer internship.

I know this is a very subjective question, but if anyone has any tips and tricks it would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

At this point in your career, I would tend to recommend that you go for the internship that has the most in common with the job that you ultimately want. Some reasons include

  • You don’t have to explain why you’re “changing roles”
  • There can be a stigma associated with going from software development to project management or vice versa
  • The hardest part about getting a career started is getting that first bit of “relevant experience” because lots of places don’t want to hire someone that’s never done the job before at all

Also, I would disagree with the adage “the best car salesman is a mechanic” because they’re different types of people. A good salesperson is a people person. Yes, they have to know the product to a certain extent to sell it, but what you need to know to be even a decent mechanic is way more than you need to know to be a good car salesperson. The biggest factors in being a good salesperson, of any product, is being personable and how to help people be comfortable with their decision to fork over their hard-earned money.

Similarly, project management is very much about how to deal with people and coordinating their different personalities. Sure, if you take a software development job (or internship) you’ll learn about the specific challenges that software people face … but you’ll learn that too if you’re a project manager and listen to the people you’re working with.

Finally, I think the biggest reason why I think you should take the internship that is closest to the job that you ultimately want is that you might try out IT project management and learn that you hate it and want to do something else with your career. It’s much better to learn that you hate something on an internship that is only going to last several weeks to a few months rather than after you’ve taken your first “real job” :grinning:

Whatever you decide, just know that no decision you make is permanent and even outright mistakes can be handled and learned from. If you see everything as a learning experience, then perhaps the decision will seem less daunting and easier to make.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your indebt answer, i really appreciate it! - can i ask what your background is?

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I’ve been a software developer of one form or another for over 20 years and a Community Manager professionally for over five.

Beautiful - Thank you! :slight_smile:

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