Internal maven packages


we currently have a master GitHub organization which includes many sub-organizations. Thus we make use of the ‘internal’ feature of GitHub.

Now we want to consume GitHub packages the same way. So the question is: How can I publish a GitHub Package with the ‘internal’ scope, so other organisations can consume it?

You have a main organisation with the following setup:


  • lib1
  • service1


  • service 2 (with dependency on lib1)

You have personA who is member of orga1 and orga2. That person has no problem building service2.
You have a personB who is member of orga2. That person cannot build service2 as it cannot retrieve lib1.

Any idea how we can publish lib1 so it can be used in service 2 from people in Orga2 without having to be member in Orga1?

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If you mean an Enterprise cloud account with multiple organisations owned by the same enterprise, you should be able to use internal packages:

Internal visibility allows all members of an organization and all organizations within an enterprise read access to the container to more easily share data with your teammates.

It’s a recent enough ship - it might be worth checking your various repository and organisation settings to see how yours are set up.

Many thanks for sharing this. I have seen it, but as it specified ‘container registry’ I thought this is just for containers and not the maven packages. So you think it is for all packages alike? I will definitely have a look into our settings to see how it is set up :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry - no, this might be my unfamiliarity with maven - I didn’t realise they’d be handled differently!

Hopefully someone else will have some thoughts :slight_smile: