Internal links in footnotes

I’m using Github Pages service to generate a static website from a collection of markdown files.

Links in footnotes are not working as expected. They are rendered as links to markdown files, instead of links to html files.


[test2]( # <a href="/test2.html">test2</a>

[^1]: [test2]( # <a href="">test2</a>


Probably it is a bug in Jekyll, but I’m not sure.

Strictly speaking it is an issue with the “markdown converter”. The default used to be kramdown, in case you don’t have markdown defined in your _config.yml.

So you might dig into some other footnote plugins for Jekyll to see if any of them solve your issue.  E.g. 

Thanks for reply! I submitted a bug report to kramdown issue tracker.

Tried jekyll-footnotes plugin, but it doesn’t seem to be working.