Internal Files Repository/Archive


I am facing a problem with files storaging.

I have users and I have to provide them possibility to storage created files on the server but during the upload I need from them fill some information form to collect the data to make easy access and ability to track those files in the future.

Is there some application for Windows or a way that creates that kind possibility?

  1. After file creation for example in Excel
  2. Upload through some window where User needs to fill some form, click upload
  3. File is uploading to the folder on the server in some folder structure managed by this application
  4. to this structure User has access through this application and can search archived files by name, date and whatever will have to
  5. User can download archived prevoiusly file for its own use.

So file base, with flat file like access through friendly interface.

What is the topic that fits to this requirement? I was googling words like: ftp server, file base, repository, file archivisation.
I need some clue to where to start to maybe create something for my own, to be simple, internal and reliable.

If you have some suggestions I will be grateful :slight_smile: