Internal access to github pages without a license

My organisation is a GitHub Enterprise customer which means we have a finite amount of GitHub licenses that we grant to our developers. We keep documentation (in the form of markdown documents) in our repos that we would like to make accessible to other people in our organisation. These are people that will never contribute commits to our repos but ARE interested in reading the documentation.

Right now we would have to assign one of our licenses to such people and we simply can’t afford to do that, the cost of a license is not justifiable for people that only want to browse the repo.

We would like a solution to this problem and I wondered if GitHub pages might be an answer. if we could publish documentation to github pages is there a way we could make it accessible to people in our organisation without making the repo public and without having to grant such people a license?

I strongly suspect the answer is “no”, but just thought I’d ask.

as much as I know you CAN get the people you want to read your documentation the access