Intermittent Errors During Workflow Execution

I am encountering errors during executions which seem to go away when re-running the workflow.  Here is an example:

The error message seems to have a problem with this line:

But as you can see in the output task in the previous step, the expected field is emitted as an output value:


Re-running tests seem to make this go away (although I have encountered failures on subsequent retries), but I thought I would like to report this as it *seems* everything is configured correctly on my side.

I am, of course, open to any suggestions on anything I could be doing incorrectly here.  Thank you for any guidance and/or consideration.

I forked your repo and the issue doesn’t repro, and it seems the error is gone on your recent workflows, so it’s fine now, right?

I checked the error message, looks the path is not correctly created or accessed, please check the similar ticket, the path should be checked and make sure it’s available in the $GITHUB_WORKSPACE.

Hi @weide-zhou thank you for your reply.  Sorry for the delay here as “subscribe” is not enabled by default and I had to visit the site to see if there were any updates.

I’m afraid this happens quite regularly still… especially when one attempts to push a release as we are now. :sweat_smile:

I have had this occur on three repositories now, all of them intermittent, and all go away after retrying:

As for checking, $GITHUB_WORKSPACE: why would this work in some runs and not others?  Any guidance on how to check for this would be appreciated, too… are you saying we have to use script here for this particular value?

Again “re-run all checks” fixes the problem.  Usually this fixes it on the 2nd attempt, but I have had to retry up to four times to make it work.

Finally, I did check that ticket you provided (thank you!) but this seems to be a different issue.  My guess is that the template engine is not evaulating the ${{ steps.generate.outputs.filename }} in time and it is resulting in the null value presented in the error.

Encountered this again.  here is the error in full:

2019-12-03T07:16:02.2408579Z ##[error]Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'path')
2019-12-03T07:16:02.2719818Z ##[error]Exit code 1 returned from process: file name '/home/runner/runners/2.161.0/bin/Runner.PluginHost', arguments 'action "GitHub.Runner.Plugins.Artifact.PublishArtifact, Runner.Plugins"'.

So it seems in this case, the path value is null which makes me suspect that the templated value ${{ steps.generate.outputs.filename }} is not being evaluated in time.  Again, re-running checks eventually make it work, so it eventually evaulates in time.  However, there are times (which seem more often when trying to actually deploy rather than test :sweat_smile:) when it doesn’t evaluate in time, leading to the error.  This is my hunch, however.

Now it would seem that I am consistently running into this issue and cannot re-run check suite.  Or I can but the check suite does not actually re-run and I cannot cancel it. :disappointed:

Seen here:

Sorry for the inconvenience taken,  please ask private support to help handle the hanging workflow runs.

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Ok cool!  Thank you @weide-zhou I did not know that was possible. :slight_smile:

What about the intermittent errors?  I just now ran into another one.  Creating releases is nearly impossible with the current GitHub Actions because of this.

Again the issue does not seem to be in the action, but in the evaluated parameters that are sent to it.  From what I can tell the action never actually runs, and it is still in the process of validating the parameters sent to it.

Sorry for late response @mike-e-wins ! 

The runner doesn’t parse the ‘::’ in the middle successfully.

Please use 

echo "`n::set-output name=filename::$filename"

instead. It works on my end.


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Cool!  Thanks for looking into this @weide-zhou.  I will see how this does and let you know. :+1:

That seemed to do the trick @weide-zhou !  Thank you for your efforts and taking the time to improve your product.  GitHub Actions is quite cool. :slight_smile: