"intermediate python" course issue

Hi there!

I’m wondering how to resolve an issue I’m experiencing while completing the “Intermediate Python” learning lab course.

I’ve competed all directions in the course, the final direction being to push my code to GitHub, which I’ve done successfully. However, in all previous steps of the tutorial where I pushed to GitHub, the learning lab bot responded with a message. This time it’s not, though I can see the code file is updated from my push in my GitHub course repository. Also, when I check https://lab.github.com/, it shows the course is still in progress, and in fact two steps behind where I am (it shows I need to complete the last two modules of the course, but I’ve completed and pushed them):

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 10.35.17 AM.png

Is there something I’m missing that I need to do to complete this course? I’ve completed a good handful of courses the past few days, and haven’t run into any issues like this as far as what I need to do to complete the course being ambiguous / unclear.



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Hey @mwolston, what does it show when you click resume course? 

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the markdown file 03-unlucky.md should keep entertaining the student.

There is a gate when the roll number comment is keyed.

The gate cheks if the roll number is less than 3 then it goes to the push  action,
otherwise it stays on the 03-unlucky.md page which has the wrong next steps in its description.

event: issue_comment
    link: '{{ repoUrl }}/issues/3'
      - type: gate
        left: '%payload.comment.body%'
        operator: <
        right: 3
          - type: respond
            with: 03-unlucky.md
              rollNum: '%payload.comment.body%'
      - type: respond
        with: 03-lucky.md
          rollNum: '%payload.comment.body%'